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Stun Gun Accessories

Stun Gun Accessories

Don't forget to pick up a holster or carrying case for your new stun gun or taser.  While simply having a stun gun or stun gun like product there is something chic about a cool leather case or holster.  Display your stun gun protection unit on your belt for your colleagues to covet or on a holster to display your immaculate authority.  Never miss an opportunity to protect yourself by having your stun gun holster or carrying case in a place where it is easy to reach and totally recognizable.  With a leather case or holster you will never mistake your stun gun for a cell phone or pager at that critical moment when every second counts!



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*Shipping is $3 everyday for the entire US. *We also ship to Puerto Rico

*Stun Gun laws restrict us from shipping stun products to:
NY, MA, MI, IL, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA

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