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Buy a stun gun, stun baton, taser for sale, & self defence product
Buy a stun gun today

Buy a stun gun today

Buy a stun gun for self defense

21 Attacks Every 60 Seconds!
 You don't have to be one of them.

Stun Guns are not only safe and easy to use but Stun Guns  and tasers are cool. Stun Guns  come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have differing amounts of voltage for ease of use. Stun Guns  have a safety device so you don't have to be worried about shocking yourself. Plus, Stun Guns  and tasers make such a frightening noise when triggered, just firing your Stun Guns  in the air can cause any would-be muggers to turn and run. Gain peace of mind when you buy a Stun Guns or high powered taser from our selection below. 

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These 3 stun guns are the top selling stun guns for use for personal protection and self defense.
Top Selling Stun Guns

Top Selling Stun Guns

Stun Master 100cThe Stun Master 100 is great for affordability and portability. It carries an effective 100,000 volts but it’s simplicity is it’s greatest factor. With a simple wrist strap to prevents an attacker from taking it and two electrodes, this stun gun is a great buy.
Multi Function Stun Gun 2.7 Million VoltsThe 4-n-1 multi-function stun gun is the most complete stun gun available on the market. With 2.7 million volts, a loud alarm, a flash light, and a safety device, this stun gun is the best bang for your buck. Comes with a carrying case.
Double Trouble StunnerThe Double Trouble stun gun is more effective than most stun guns because of the increased space between the contacts. The greater the space, the greater the effect. A simple electrical fact! Most stun guns only have 1.5 inches. The Double Trouble has 5 inches between contacts.
Variety of shapes and sizes

Variety of shapes and sizes

Shipping is only $3 everyday anywhere in the US!

We Also Ship to Puerto Rico! (click here)

These self defense products come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can buy a stun gun or tazer gun withdifferent power levels and in different colors to suite your preference.  Our stun baton selection includestelescopic batons and expandable batons. We also offer a totally humane sonic dog repellent to prevent an animal attack when walking or exercising.

                    Please Select From The Self Defence Products Below: tasers are great for self defense

Buy Stun Guns- for high voltage protection in a close-contact or surprise attack  

Tasers for sale- tasers fire 2 electro-charged darts 15 ft; works as a stun gun too!  

Stun Batons- are totally portable to shock an attacker with stunning proficiency

Sonic Dog Repellent- perfect for postal workers, deliverymen, and the like.


Women should carry stun gunsStun Guns for women- stylish and colorful designs for the modern American woman.

Stun Guns for College Students- compact and powerful protection for parking lots.

Stun Guns for Joggers- pocket sized protection from animals and muggers.

Stun Guns for postal workers- keep nasty dogs at bay while protecting yourself.

Protect Yourself Now! 
Buy a Stun Gun or Tazer Gun Today! 

*Shipping is $3 everyday for the entire US. *We also ship to Puerto Rico

*Stun Gun laws restrict us from shipping stun products to:
NY, MA, MI, IL, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA

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